Probe IV - 1983  

The Probe IV, introduced in 1983, was the fourth concept vehicle to bear the Probe name. It was a four passenger sedan that had a drag coefficient of only .150... a world record for automobiles that is only matched by jet planes.

It had a 1.6L electronic fuel injected 4-cylinder engine that produced 102 horsepower and was tilted 70° to accommodate the low profile hood. Power was distributed through an advanced 3-speed automatic transaxle.The radiator was an advanced aluminum design that, along with the A/C condenser, was located in the rear quarter panels. Specially designed Goodyear tires had an aerodynamic tread pattern while the wheels were covered by a flexible membrane cover. A computer controlled vehicle height, attitude, and spoiler adjustments, all of which were speed sensitive and/or manually controlled. It had a steel and kevlar body to minimize weight, as well as aerodynamic headlamps, concealed windshield wipers, and flush underbody, all designed to minimize resistance.

Engine: 1.6L 4-Cylinder
Compression Ratio: 9.7:1
Horsepower: 120@5500rpm
Torque: 98@5200rpm
Tires: 155/75-16

Length: 187.2"
Width: 71.9"
Heigth: 47.3"
Wheelbase: 107.0"
Fuel Capacity: 13 gal.
Luggage Space: 10 cu.ft.

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