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Default really odd question oncv joints

OK, here is the history. Have a 94 Probe I use as trak racer. Thought I would buy a spare cv axle this year to have in case I hit the wall etc. At the local wreckers they had a 94 4cly manual exactly like mine. Since someone had taken the brake assembly and dropped the lower arm already, I took the passenger side cv joint out by cutting boot band, and pulled it out. What is wierd is that it is a tripot bushing, and the reciever end that I didnt pull was tripot casing. Obviously was working in the car, and looked original.

When checking my original 1200 page Ford probe manual, it comments specifically that the tripot bushing is the one from automatics, and the Birfield one is the one used in standards. ATX vs MTX.

Can someone explain the use of the ATX/tripot unit on this car instead of the MTX/Birfield one it is supposed to have?

Also, in checking mine I see I dont have the Tripot style outer race. So that means I cant use it, or will have to go get the part from the other car if indeed these actually work in Manual as well as automatic. It appears the asembled length specs of both ATX and MTX appear to be pretty close to the same.

Explain please.... are these interchangeable?
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I have you checked between the base, SE and GT models? sometimes they use slightly diff parts. why did Ford do that I don't know In my opinion trim should just be exterior and interior image changes and or features like power windows or stereo mods.

I did remember seeing in a random website search for aftermarket parts that they made a stage 1 or stage 2 cv axles for drag or performance uses.
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