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Default vacuum line diagram

Good Morning.... happy holidays
I'm trying to get a vacuum line diagram for a 96 Probe 4 cylinder 2.0 We had to pull out the engine to do some work on the motor but many of the lines came off and now i have one hose with no "home". Thanks in advance guys.
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i have it

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I got diagrams if you need one check em out. Ask me as well and I might have others. If you have some that I don't, feel free to shoot em at me so I can add them.
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Haggard, youre the genious here. I race my 94 4 cyl. If I just rip out the entire EGR system, will I have trouble with idle or acceleration etc? Do I have to plug anything etc? Any ideas welcome on that. I want to lessen all weight I can.
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I will say what I know and let Haggard completely fill you in later

If you dont block off the EGR Valve, then I believe the car will run rough. You can buy an EGR block off plate. A member on here had them for sale. (try searching "EGr block off plate" in the search bar) I know s3xrapt0r bought a block off plate and he swapped his motor, so you could pm him to see if he still has it.
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As mentioned:

Block the EGR port off
Plug any vacuum ports that are now left open due the to absence of the EGR system.

Car will run fine, and idle just the same if done properly.

You can also make a block off plate..it is just two holes that you need to drill..
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