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Troubleshooting Ask questions concerning problems with a second generation Probe.

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Default Transmission seems to be stuck in Drive

93 Probe 2.0 4cyl engine, 195K miles. It's my son's car, which he's had for about 3 years. Transmission seems to be stuck in Drive. Shift lever moves freely into all positions, but with shifter in Neutral or Reverse, the car still moves forward when you step on the gas. Even gives a little bit of a lurch forward in Park until the parking pawl catches it. Car rolls freely with shifter in Neutral and the engine off.

This just started today. Previously, we've seen a few other problems that appear to be transmission- or torque converter-related (idle is very slow and rough in D or R but smooth and normal in P or N; engine rpm increases rapidly when accelerator depressed at highway speeds but vehicle doesn't speed up right away), but this one is completely new. And quite distressing.

Any suggestions?

We have the factory service manual for this car, but this particular set of symptoms isn't listed in the diagnostic charts. The closest symptom is "Vehicle moves in N", with possible causes listed as
  • selector lever and linkage out of adjustment
  • Control valve damaged
  • Torque converter damaged
  • Forward clutch damaged

Seems to me we need to pull the transmission and tear it down. And as long as we have it out, it's insane to reinstall the original torque converter, so we'll replace that too. But I wanted some assurance that we're on the right track before doing that...

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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sounds to me like the transmission is slipping. id check the fluid before pulling it out. If the fluid level is correct then there is probably a problem within the transmission which means itll need rebuilt or replaced
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well first thing to check other then fluid is the linkage, I've had not really problems, just more of annoyances with mine. its not perfectly adjusted so I have to make sure its in the right gear before I try moving,
but it sounds like the torque converter is shot. And really, with almost 200k miles, you are DAMN LUCKY that transmission lasted as long as it did. Second gen auto tranny's almost always start to go out around 100-140k because they have a non-serviceable filter and no transmission oil cooler.
so it does sound like the tranny will need a rebuild, but before you put it back in, definitely put in an aftermarket transmission oil cooler and that tranny will easily outlast the engine with regular filter changes.
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