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Yeah, I should probably be paying a really high fine right about now then. I baught some of that refill refrig... First off, I live in Wisconsin where its illegal to do a AC recharge yourself anyways.. It must be done by a state certified shop. I just drove 30 minutes accrost the illinois border and baught a whole kit for $30 bucks. Anyways. (This was all for my ply neon - wifes car). It seems like everything was kicking on but it wouldn't suck the stuff out of the bottle. So I just had a little fun and emptied about 10oz all over the street. It left this slipery gooie residue all over, and the grass on the curb died a few days later. Anyways, come to find out, it was a burnt fuse ( they had two, one the way in the listed place, and another hidden one, that I found just as I was about to give up and blow off my other 8 oz I had. Anyways, replaced that and it sucked it all up. I had to go buy another car at that point, but I did and it ate that all up too... Works great now... so if its not empting that entire can in like 40 seconds, check all your fuses and stuff before you go chasing your buddy arround with freon... hehe
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