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Default Diagrams (Assorted) Quite A few, wait for load

1990-1992 Non-turbo 2.2L Vacuum

1990-1992 Turbo 2.2L Vacuum

1993-1995 2.5L Vacuum

1993-1994 2.0 L Vacuum

1994 California and 1994-1997 2.0L Vacuum

1996-1997 2.5L Vacuum

1st Gen Turbo Exhaust System

2nd Gen 2.0L Exhaust (I think)

2nd Gen 2.5L Exhaust System

Engine Identification #1

Engine Identification #2

Vehicle Identification

General Engine Specs #1

General Engine Specs #2

Capacities #1

Capacities #2

Tune Up Specs #1

Tune Up Specs #2

Torque Specs for Suspension System

Braking Specifications #1

Braking Specifications #2

General Maintenance Schedule

Severe Maintenance Schedule

These are all from I suggest that you join if you haven't and get access to a lot of useful information, I didnt include the wiring diagrams because there are far to many but they have full wiring diagrams on autozone as well, also nice not to have to hunt through autozone for them I think.

1997 Ford Probe 2.0L ATX, Short Air Ram -- Daily Driver
1990 Land Rover Range Rover Classic 3.9L V8 --My project!

I got diagrams if you need one check em out. Ask me as well and I might have others. If you have some that I don't, feel free to shoot em at me so I can add them.

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