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Product: Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator
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March 4th, 2010

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1989-92 2.2L Non-Turbo 4-cylinder
1989-92 2.2L Turbo 4-cylinder
1990-92 3.0L V-6
1993-97 2.0L 4-cylinder
1993-97 2.5L V-6

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Additional Information

Manufacturer's Description For high horsepower EFI applications where -6 AN fuel lines are used for supply and return.

The Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator was developed for high horsepower EFI applications. Compatible with the Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump, this regulator is a cousin to our widely-used A1000 Injected Bypass Regulator, delivering performance, long-life, and reliable operation.
  • Base pressure is adjustable from 30 to 70 PSI.
  • Alcohol compatible.
  • Provides two -6 AN ORB inlet ports and one -6 AN ORB return port.
  • Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio with boost.
  • 1/8" NPT gauge port.
  • Beautifully finished with type II bright red and clear anodized coatings.

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Pros: Easy adjustability
I have the regulator on my 89PGT and havent had a problem yet. Fuel pressure holds overnight and for a few days. Its easy to adjust base pressure. It has a nice front mount port for a pressure guage for easy base reference. I don't think it's necessary with the use of megasquirt now, except to knock the base pressure down for really big injectors.
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Pros: great product, worth the buy
Cons: notorious for leaking.
i use them for all turbo cars. i highly recommend it if you are going big. on the race car that i one, i have this one. no problems with it. the street car "talon turbo" it had a boost leak from the adjustment vavle and the vacuum valve. other than that, i'd prefer this over any other FMU that regulates pressure out there.


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