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Product: NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
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January 25th, 2011

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1989-92 2.2L Non-Turbo 4-cylinder
1989-92 2.2L Turbo 4-cylinder
1990-92 3.0L V-6
1993-97 2.0L 4-cylinder
1993-97 2.5L V-6

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Additional Information

Manufacturer's Description V-Power spark plugs are a patented design by NGK to improve ignitability and reduce quenching. Ignitability is improved by the V-groove cut in the center electrode parallel to the ground electrode, this directs the spark to to the edge of the center electrode thus exposing it to more of the air/fuel mixture. Quenching is reduced in much the same manner, drawing the spark to the edge of the center and ground electrodes reduces the surface area available to quench the spark.

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Price Paid: $0
Rating: 9

Pros: Good Plug
These ar thee current plugs that I running on my 89 GT. They are good qualilty and fairly cheap. Probe runs nice and smooth. I just change them once a year and I'm good to go. Not saying you need to change them once a year though.
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Pros: cheap great plug
best plug ive found, ive tried the ngk iridiums, good plug, but a total waste of money, i got the same performance out of the basic v powers.
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Price Paid: $2.00
Rating: 10

Pros: Inexpensive, outstanding performance
Cons: None
I've been using these plugs for years... simply the best I've ever used. They hold their gap very well. For the price, you can't go wrong.
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Rating: 10

Pros: low cost
Great plug, copper core for great energy and very low cost, also they are readily available.
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Price Paid: $2.00
Rating: 10

Pros: Very cheap! / durable
This is the best sparkplug ive ever used. From now on its ngk or nothing!

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Price Paid: $5.00
Rating: 10

Pros: best plug for the F2 / F2T engine
Cons: none
ive tried E3, NGK iridium, and colder V-power plugs, but the NGK V-powers are the only plug that hasnt caused any issues with high boost, always smooth and can boost to infinity with these plugs, best for the $ by far for our engines
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