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Steve Administrator Forum Administrator
Richmond, Virginia
Joined Forum: April 24th, 2002
Joined Staff: April 24th, 2002
Bio I purchased my first Probe, an '89 LX, back in '97. Since then I've been hooked and have no desire to drive anything else. After taking my LX off the road for a complete restoration in 1999, I purchased a '91 GT. The GT lasted faithfully for two years until I decided that its past history didn't make it a worthy project car. I spent the next several months looking for another Probe and I found it in July of 2002... a near-mint condition black '92 GT. I currently use it as my weekend/project car, while I use my Aerostar as a daily driver. I have owned a total of seven Probes... so far.

I currently live in Virginia with my girlfriend of nine years. I am an Atheist/Darwinistic, pro-gun, pessimistic, political ranter.
Jeff S
Jeff Super Moderator Forum Super Moderator
Carbondale, CO
Joined Forum: February 27th, 2003
Joined Staff: July 25th, 2003
Bio About 9 yrs ago I bought my probe. It's an '89 Gt. I owned it for several years, got married and consequently needed a "family" car. I sold my probe to my Brother-in-Law, which he drove for several more years until two years ago he decided he needed a truck instead. I purchased my old probe back and gave it the care it needed. It needed a lot of maintenance, and upon researching the internet, I found Performance Probe. Steve and others helped me bring my car back to health and now it's been upgraded and is currently getting a facelift. If it wasn't for Performance Probe, my GT would have ended up at the junk yard. I truly enjoy working on my probe and always enjoy talking about it on PP. I hope you get as much out of this site as I did.
Paul Super Moderator Forum Super Moderator
Green Bay, WI
Joined Forum: January 21st, 2003
Joined Staff: March 20th, 2004
Bio I bought my 89GT in 92. It was used as a daily driver from time to time till 03 I think. Anhow I started fixing up the car and racing at the local drag strip. I've been to hell and back with that car, and now it's gone. It was sold in the spring of 05.
Do I miss the car? hell yeah. But you can do alot with a 6 car garage. lol I have to keep reminding my self of that.

Update 3/30/06 bought another 89 GT (insert big smile here) January 07 Purchased my 3rd 89 PGT.

My first GT is now back in my hands again. Home where she belongs.
Greg Moderator Forum Moderator
Somerset county Pa.
Joined Forum: April 6th, 2003
Joined Staff: August 23rd, 2006
James Moderator Forum Moderator
Hagerstown, Maryland
Joined Forum: January 13th, 2003
Joined Staff: May 3rd, 2005
Bio I purchased my first Probe (first car) in 2001. It is a Black 1989 LX and she is my pride and joy. When I first saw it I fell in love and once I drove it my fate was sealed. From that point on, I have been a Probe enthusiast. Since that fateful day I have had a 1992 LX (parts car), a 1996 MX-6 M-Edition (sold) and a 1995 base Probe (sold). I now have a 2006 Saab 9-2x for daily driving. This allows me to preserve my 89 LX and enjoy it every weekend.

I am a professional graphic designer and love designing things and working on my cars in my spare time. I also like listening to music. Mostly rock and classic rock.

This site/forum has helped me a lot through the years and I hope you also find it useful.
Kristina Moderator Forum Moderator
Rogers, Arkansas
Joined Forum: September 12th, 2002
Joined Staff: August 6th, 2004
Bio My first, second and third cars were all in the Probe family. MY first car was a 1993 Probe GT, Bimini Blue metallic. I love this car, still to this day. Anyways, my love of Probes is pretty obvious.. I would choose a 1997 Probe GT-S over a well-sought after Ferrari 360 Modena, to be completely honest. Some people are meant for certain cars, and I'm pretty positive I am meant for a Probe. It's like a connection of some sort? ...I'm sure you know what I mean, afterall, you drive a Probe, so you sort of have to.

My first love has been music, and cars crept up on me like a freightrain at noon in NYC. For the past couple of years it has been nothing but cars for me 24/7. There is just something about the Probe though, you have to respect. When it is broken down, not running, you still have this dire need for it and an unconditional love, even when you feel like you're having bad luck, there is something there that keeps you drawn in, which is how I feel, and I'm pretty sure I will feel this same way for years to come...

About me, my main interests are music, cars, writing, psychology and philosophy. I love the study of human behavior and the questioning of the world around us. Yes. As for music, I am a music producer, mainly producing more trance-induced eclecticism. I am a DJ as well.. My love of cars stems from my family, as they are all "car people" you could say. I am Vice-President of an all-girls team called Gearhead Girls Racing. I am the only domestic (sort of).. I am the only ATX as well. My dedication proves my reasoning. As well I am organizer of an import organization where I live. I love cars, and uhh, I hope cars love me back.

My name is Kristina!
Luke aka ScaryfastPGT Moderator Forum Moderator
Boulder, Colorado - 303
Joined Forum: July 5th, 2005
Joined Staff: August 23rd, 2006
Bio An MX-6 was my first car and 5 years later i still cant kick the habit. Just your typical t-shirt and jeans sorta guy workin' for a livin'

I have gotten myself into and out of quite a few jams in my cars, so hopefully i may be able to help you out on yours! Drop me a line always glad to help!
Matt Moderator Forum Moderator
Lancaster, PA
Joined Forum: July 23rd, 2002
Joined Staff: March 17th, 2003
Bio I am a huge fan of the Probe...but still a GM guy at heart (dad worked for a GM dealer). I happened to buy the Probe from chance being it was cheap. Being a Ford I would've never touched it. Now, I've owned 6 Probes. 3 89GL's, 90LX, 91LX and 89GT. I love em!

I buy cars that need work cheap fix them up and sell them....if you want to contact me or inquire about current projects...

I currently am designing websites. I run the web division of my dad's business. http://www.rowriter-pa.com
Rian Moderator Forum Moderator
Hampstead, MD
Joined Forum: June 4th, 2004
Joined Staff: March 14th, 2009
Ryan Moderator Forum Moderator
Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Eh!
Joined Forum: August 1st, 2004
Joined Staff: February 26th, 2006
Bio My first car and Probe that I purchased was a neglected twilight blue metallic 1991GL in 2002. I needed something to get me to and from college over an hour away and it never let me down. In 2004 at 150,000 miles, because of a dying transmission and a lot of blue smoke, it was sent to that great wrecker in the sky. A day later a 1994 Wild Orchid Probe GT with only 82,000 miles took its place.
I had always wanted a second generation Probe since the first time I saw one when I was 14, they are sex on wheels in my opinion, and now I finally had one
Troy Moderator Forum Moderator
Greeley, CO
Joined Forum: August 13th, 2004
Joined Staff: April 17th, 2006
Bio My silver '89GT was given to me by my mom in early 2004. She had bought it brand new off the lot and was treated like a baby the whole time. I bought my black '89 GT in '05 to use as a daily driver and build the silver one for the track.

I was a mechanical design engineer/project manager from '92 to '05 and recently moved into electrical controls engineering and PLC programming.

I live in Colorado, married since '95 and father of 3, spend all my time with my kids and my cars.

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