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Performance Probe Forum Rules
  1. 1.1) Debates are permitted, arguing is not.
  2. 1.2) Try to keep the discussion within the same thread/topic. Please do not create new threads unless necessary.
  3. 1.3) We understand, as in normal conversation, that threads can sometimes get off-topic. Off-topic comments are permitted (providing it isn't a 'sticky'), but please do not completely derail threads.
  4. 1.4) Please do not 'shout', or use uppercase lettering excessively.
  5. 1.5) Please do not abuse the use of smilies.
  1. 2.1) If you are not sure which forum to post a question in, either ask a staff member or post one thread in a forum. If the staff finds that your question is better suited for another forum, it will be moved. Do not post multiple threads on the same topic.
  2. 2.2) The censors are turned off as we feel the members here are mature enough to handle it, and since a bit of swearing is not uncommon in everyday life, they're permitted here. However, excessive swearing or outright vulgarity is prohibited.
  3. 2.3) Spam Advertising, or flagrant off-topic advertising, is prohibited and is grounds for immediate banning.
  4. 2.4) Flooding, or posting the same question multiple times is prohibited for any reason. Warnings are given for first offenses, and continued offenses may be grounds for banning.
  5. 2.5) Flaming, harrassing, or threatening other members is strictly prohibited.
  6. 2.6) Posting inappropriate material, such as malicious files, offensive images, or links containing pornography, is prohibited.
  7. 2.7) Posting other people's personal information is prohibited without the permission of the individual.
  8. 2.8) Please do not post in the Regional/Owner Club forums unless you are part of the specific region or club, or the question is directed toward the region or club.
  9. 2.9) Please do not offer people parts in a sale thread that was not created by you.
  10. 2.10) Please do not veer off-topic in threads that are stickies.
  11. 2.11) Member post counts are there for informational purposes only. Posting with the intent to run up the post counts is prohibited.
  12. 2.12) Editing posts is permitted, however using the editing feature to cover up or mask previous posts is prohibited.
Other Forums
  1. 3.1) Linking to other forums is permitted, providing it isn't a thread designed simply to direct traffic to another forum.
  2. 3.2) Please do not post links to discussions on other forums for the purpose of continuing the discussion here.
  3. 3.3) Please do not copy posts from other forums and post them here, unless you were the poster or you have the permission of the poster.
  1. 4.1) Products offered within the forum must be Probe-related.
  2. 4.2) Selling products is permitted in the Buy, Sell, & Trade forums only. Posts must be texts and/or pictures. Banner ads are prohibited.
  3. 4.3) Offering products to members is permitted, as long as it is what the member requested.
  1. 5.1) Images are permitted in signatures, although images must not be taller then 125 pixels, or wider then 550 pixels.
  2. 5.2) Banner ads are prohibited in signatures.
  3. 5.3) Inflammatory or offensive content is prohibited in signatures.
  4. 5.4) Members with prohibited content in their signature will be notified via Private Message by one of the staff. Members will have five days to make changes. If changes are not made, the staff will edit the signature. Excessively inflammatory or offensive content will be edited without notice.
  1. 6.1) Posting inappropriate images, such as offensive and/or pornographic, is prohibited.
  2. 6.2) Each member has 10 megabytes of space to upload images.
Product Reviews
The following is prohibited in the Reviews forum:
  1. 7.1) Comments on other reviews.
  2. 7.2) Second-hand accounts of experiences.
  3. 7.3) Advertisements.
Post Editing/Deletion
The staff has the right to edit or delete posts, without notice, that are:
  1. 8.1) Offensive.
  2. 8.2) Posted multiple times
  3. 8.3) Posted by previously banned members.
  4. 8.4) Posted unnecessarily in the Regional/Clubs forums.
  5. 8.5) Offers to sell in another member's sale thread.
  6. 8.6) Flagrant attempts to run up member post counts.
  7. 8.7) Containing prohibited advertising.
  8. 8.8) Containing personal information about other people.
Trader Feedback Rating
  1. 9.1) One comment per transaction, regardless of the number of items bought/sold within the transaction.
  2. 9.2) The transactions must originate on the forum.
  3. 9.3) First-person experiences only, no second-hand experiences are allowed.
  4. 9.4) Do not use the feedback system to respond to comments.
  5. 9.5) Abuse of the feedback system is grounds for suspension.
Suspension is temporary/Banning is perminent
  1. 10.1) Members who attempt to create new accounts in order to bypass a suspended account be banned.
  2. 10.2) Any new accounts created by a banned member will be closed, regardless of how long the account has been opened.
  1. 11.1) Reputation is for providing feedback on member's posts, not for boosting buddy stats or attacking other members.
  2. 11.1) Members caught abusing the reputation system will be suspended/banned.
  1. 12.1) The Garage is for posting Ford Probes, Mazda MX-6s, or Mazda 626s only.
  2. 12.2) Pictures posted with each car must be pictures of that car. Pictures posted with each worklog must pertain to that worklog. All other pictures should be posted in the Albums section.

  • Forum staff deny all liability resulting in the use of the information posted within the forum.
  • Forum staff takes no responsibility for the content of the messages posted within the forum, nor of the authenticity of its authors.
  • Forum staff reserves the right to change these rules at any time without warning or notice.

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