Variable Power Assist Steering Adjustment



The first generation Probe GT has a programmed ride control feature that includes variable power assisted steering. This system adjusts the steering tightness depending on the speed of the vehicle. The Programmed Ride Control computer, which is located under the driver's seat, has a feature that allows you to increase or decrease the steering effort, depending on your preference.


The Programmed Ride Control computer, above, is available on first generation GTs only. It can be reached by removing the left front seat, which is held in place by three bolts and one nut. Notice on the picture above, the sticker that says 'H N L'. Behind this flap is a switch for adjusting the computer.

Open the flap and locate the small adjustment switch. Using a small tool, push the switch to the left (H, or high) to increase the overall steering effort, or to the right (L, or low) to decrease the steering effort. The default position is N, or normal. This switch will increase or decrease the steering effort by 10%.


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